Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Newsletter 2011

Christmas 2011
Every year, we’ve had a theme to our Christmas newsletter. 2010 was summarized as the year of ‘transition’ as we moved, started new jobs, and launched into new adventures in the Big Apple. This year, although more settled, would have to be summarized as the year of ‘travel.’

Mindy’s first full year with World Vision as Media Relations Director (NYC) kept her bouncing from one exciting trip to the next, including a two-month deployment to the Horn of Africa. Meantime, even though Travis wasn’t traveling nearly as much, Mindy’s extensive time away from home enabled him to use his bachelor time to his advantage at work where his first year with CBS News was spent working weekends and late nights.

Now as we enter 2012, Travis is already being promoted at work as of January 1st and Mindy has three trips to Africa and one to Asia under her belt.

Highlights for us as a couple this past year included what time we did have together including:
- ski trip to Pagosa Springs last winter
- birthday celebrations for Mindy’s mom and brother while meeting our 4th and newest nephew in Albuquerque
- a family vacation with the Galey family to Galveston, TX
- a family vacation to Las Vegas this summer where we skydived with 7 members of the Mizell family
- a family trip to Pensacola, FL to see our cousin get married along the Gulf
- exploring new restaurants in our new neighborhood, aka New York City
- reuniting with friends in Annapolis and DC this summer

Although we don’t anticipate 2012 will be nearly as intensive for traveling, we already have a trip to the Bahamas on the books for late January! Mindy learned to scuba dive while on break during deployment and has been anxious to get Travis certified as well.

However, we’re both also looking forward to spending more time exploring New York this next year since our dog, Brinkley, loves long walks through Central Park (2 blocks from our apartment) and we do too!

We’d love to show you around and we welcome guests this 2012…if you’re willing to crash on the sleeper sofa of our small 1-bedroom apartment! But it’s definitely worth it when you experience the fun of being in New York where Broadway shows, museums and excellent restaurants are all within walking distance.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Come visit!


Travis, Mindy & Brinkley

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