Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

Will, Lee Anna, Georgia, Travis, Mindy
(Travis' siblings)
Travis and Lee Anna (sister)
Frances Lee (Travis' mom) & Mindy
Mindy, Brad (friend in Dallas), Travis
Frances Lee (Travis' mom) & Kathleen (Mindy's mom)
John Galey (Travis' dad) & Travis
Mindy & UJohn (Mindy's great-Uncle)
Georgia (Travis' sister) &Travis
Aunt Kay (Mindy's aunt)
Uncle John, ABetty, Kathleen Mizell, Mindy, Aunt Kay, Don Mizell, Travis

Happy Easter! This year we celebrated Travis' dad's 70th birthday in Dallas with a large family picnic in a park. Mindy's parents and Aunt Di joined us, and we all celebrated Easter together the next day with more relatives in Greenville. We also did a little job hunting in OKCY...