Tuesday, August 25, 2009

new jobs all around

We have exciting news! Mindy has been named the new statewide Web Anchor/Reporter at KWTV Ch.9 (CBS) in Oklahoma City AND Tulsa! She starts the day after Labor Day on Tues., Sept.8th and will be on-air weekday mornings.
We are especially excited to be working together...again! (although in separate departments) Travis is still enjoying his new position as the station's new Executive Producer of Sports. He's been working on revamping the weekend programming as well as launching a new statewide sports website.
Mindy's job is unique in that the station only recently created the position. She will be serving as a hybrid anchor/reporter for the Web...meaning she's on-air locally in 2 separate markets but her beat is online content. (she won't be reporting online but reporting on tv about the internet) She's excited to be able to report -inside- for a change...no more freezing cold liveshots ouside!
Our schedules will completely opposite but we feel very blessed to have full-time jobs that we enjoy! Travis will be working Wed-Sundays (mostly 3:30pm-11:30pm) and Mindy will be Mon-Fri (4am till noon).
We trust God moved us to Oklahoma for a reason and we are excited to finally close on our new home this Friday!

end of summer

Pensacola, Florida
Uncle Mike and niece Kate

Aunt Di, Matt and Ashten (on their honeymoon!)

The Wallaces (attempting 'dinner out')

Albuquerque wedding reception for Matt & Asthen

Meg & Mindy with Mrs. Arrowsmith
(their 8th grade U.S. History teacher)

Mindy's parents at Matt's ABQ wedding reception

Mindy and niece Kate

Mindy and new sis Ashten

Uncle Travis and niece Kate

Pensacola wedding reception

cousins Debbie & Chris, aunt Kathryn, uncle Bob, Mindy, Travis and Aunt Di

Uncle Bob and Aunt Kathryn

our cousins' Pensacola wedding
(Stephanie and Andy 8-07-09)

cousins Chris and Debbie

Aunt Di, cousin Deb, Aunt Kathryn and Mindy

All good things must come to an end....eventually...even our incredibly adventurous summer!
These past 3 months we've criss-crossed the country....moving from Annapolis, MD to Edmond, OK. In between, we traveled to Hawaii, Dallas, Mexico, Albuquerque, and Florida, AND found a house! And true to Galey form, we finished out the summer with a bang! This month, Mindy flew to New Orleans and drove with her family to Pensacola for our cousins' wedding. Meanwhile, Travis' job kicked into high gear and he eventually met up with everyone in Florida. Afterwards, Mindy stayed in Florida an extra week to help babysit her niece and nephews before jetsetting to Albuquerque for her brother's 2nd wedding reception in ABQ.
Now we're both back in Edmond preparing to buy our 1st home this Friday. Phew!!! We're worn out!