Wednesday, May 6, 2009

48 hrs in ABQ

Matt & Ashten's wedding shower
(new luggage!)
Ashten clobbered the pinata in 1 hit!
(Matt didn't even get a swing out Matt!)

party hostesses!

Getting ready for Meg's 30th surprise party!
Dad & grandson Kai (just turned 1-yr!)
Meg & Aunt Di
(Meg got a box full of gift cards for her bday!)

Mom & grandson Kai

Meg & daughter Kate (turning 3 years old this June)

Happy early Mother's Day!

Matt, Aunt Di, and Asthen
(at Matt/Ashten's Mexican themed wedding shower)

the girls!

This weekend, we flew to Albuquerque to celebrate 3 big events in 1 weekend (48 hours!). On Saturday night, we threw Meg (mindy's sister) a 30th surprise party! Two of Meg's favorite things are daisies and gift cards so we celebrated by having everything decorated with daisies AND by presenting her with a big box of gift cards from the group. Meg's birthday isn't until May 21st so she was completely surprised! She didn't even know the party was for her until the group started singing 'Happy 30th Birthday to you!'....She said, "ME!? This is for ME?!" (I am still waiting to get more pictures from Aunt Di but I'll post more soon.)

On Sunday, we celebrated an early Mother's Day for mom. She got lots of new pictures of her kids and grandkids, plus a new beach bag for her upcoming trips to Hawaii and Mexico!

That evening, we celebrated our 3rd and final party---Matt & Asthen's wedding shower thrown by Mom's best friends! It was a Mexican theme so we toasted margaritas and the happy couple wore sombreros.
We had to fly out the next morning so we didn't have time to see our ABQ friends or even go out for Mexican food, but it was a great whirlwind weekend regardless!

We'll be back!
Upcoming party dates:

Kai's 1st bday--May 6 (today!)
Meg''s bday---May 21
Asthen's bday-- June 2
Mom/Matt's bday--- June 11
Meg's due date for baby #3 is late June.
Matt/Ashten's wedding is July 25th.