Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reporting on Fargo's Floods

FOX News recently sent Mindy to Fargo, ND to report on the Red River flood waters. She was originally only expected to stay 2 days, but when the river's crest continued to get delayed and was expected to rise higher than projected, she ended up staying a full week! The weather was
cold and even got to -11 degrees with wind chill one morning so she had to bundle up out there.

Mindy had never been to Fargo and says she was very impressed with the town and the people. On one day of liveshots, her team went -live- from a local family's backyard where the sandbags were piled up nearly 4 feet high. The Johnsons gave Mindy and the rest of the FOX News crew plenty of food, a place to warm up and lots of encouragement! The people she met in Fargo were definitely the highlight of her trip. Thank you Fargo!
Mindy did liveshots 5 days for local FOX stations across the country, including Chicago, NYC, LA, Denver, Miami, etc. She also reported for FOX Newschannel, so many our relatives across the country were able to tune in and watch her too. Go Mindy!

Fortunately, the sandbagging efforts really worked so the damage in Fargo was minimal. But Mindy says it was obvious that if the 5 million sandbags had not been made, the town would have easily been under water. Go Fargo!

Trav's 35th Birthday-NYC style

For Travis' 35th birthday in March, we celebrated NYC style with friends and family who live in or near the Big Apple! We dined on barbeque and chicken fried steak at the Blue Smoke Restaurant, and it was delicious!!! We were also treated to a great Greek dinner that week by UBob and AKathryn. Travis loved his pineapple upside cake! Thank you to everyone for helping to make Travis' 35th birthday so special. Happy Birthday Travis!

St. Patrick's Day & Valentine's Day

We're a little slow posting pictures on our blog but we're finally getting around to putting up our last 2 holiday pictures....St Patrick's Day and Valentines Day.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day 2009 by returning to our Irish roots with a trip to NYC to see the annual St Pat's Day parade! We dined on traditional corn beef and cabbage, and toasted Irish beer alongside NYC cops and firefighters. The Galey name is Irish, and both of us come from an Irish heritage so the day was a lot of fun!

The month before, we celebrated Valentine's Day with a homemade 'fine dining' meal! We live in a small 1-bedroom apartment so we had to pull our collapseable table into the living room to have more space for our dinner. We also got tickets to the Kennedy Center to see Shear Madness (a fun interactive comedy show).

Travis' Last Day at Tribune Broadcasting

As many of you know, Travis recently lost his job when his company, Tribune Broadcasting, closed their DC television news bureau and laid off the entire bureau in mid-March. Travis was the bureau's Executive Producer for the morning show. While we are grateful that he's no longer working the 3am-11am shift, we are praying that the Lord will provide Travis with a new job soon. We've been amazed at how God has continually provided for us with more freelance work. We appreciate your prayers during this time!