Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Matt & Ashten's Wedding

the beautiful bride...the new Mrs. Mizell!
matt & asthen's engagement photo
engagement photo
(ready for a Mexico wedding...
despite the spread of swine flu, local riots, and international warnings)

"I'll bird you!"

a night out at our Cancun resort

dinner with good friends
The Bridges, The Speakmans, The Mizells, The Galeys

..... and then there's dinner with the locals

enjoying a game of golf
(after suffering thru a 2 hr timeshare pitch to get 3 free rounds)

the giant lizards were all over the course

the lizards are so big that they look fake!

no wedding is complete without our beloved traveling wedding singers!
(Josh & Martha Speakman)
Speaksmans: "Will sing for food!"
our favorite Jersey cousins!
(Chris & Deb Kelly)

Shotgun wedding!

The FBI agent being held up by the preacher's wife!

Hanging out with the happy couple!
Travis, Mindy, Matt, Ashten
catching a Rangers game in Dallas just before our flight to Cancun

at the wedding rehearsal
Mindy and Ashten

Uncle Mike with great-nephew Corban
He has the magic touch!

Meg and baby Corban
finally on vacation!

Grandma and baby Corban (wearing Uncle Trav's hat!)

swimming and sand volleyball

the wedding rehearsal
Ashten and Mindy

our bridal party gift bags
Matt snapping pictures of his lovely bride
just before the reception

mmmm.... wedding cake!

Aunt Di!

We just got back from Mindy's brother's wedding where we were both a part of the wedding party. Matt Mizell and Ashten Pick were married last Friday, July 24, on the beach in Cancun, Mexico. We flew in early and spent 7 days at the all-inclusive resort where we took full advantage of the sailboats, the pools and the free drinks. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Mizell!