Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life is an Adventure!

"Life is an adventure!
You never know where God is going to take you next."
Mindy Mizell Galey

Travis and I are about to start yet another adventure in our lives....a new chapter that we're expecting will open our eyes wider than they've ever been before. Not only will we be living in New York City, which will be a drastic change for us culturally, but we also expect that my new job as the Media Relations Director for World Vision will be life changing.

As a journalist for nearly 10 years now, it has always my goal to be 100% genuine and real with viewers. I would never want someone to say that I'm one way on camera and another way when its off. With that's my hope to move forward into this next chapter being just as real and transparent. As our lives change, we want you to know about it and possibly experience it and change with us.

It's our hope to take our friends, family and viewers along for the ride! We know not everyone has the resources or desire to move to New York or travel internationally, but that's where I've learned the Internet can help.

Until this point in my life, I'll poverty, oppression and international disasters have sadly been reduced to television images that flash between the latest news stories of the day. Those stories seem so remote from my world and so far away. Yet while covering Haiti's earthquake, I suddenly was speaking firsthand via Skype with a real person....a guy who just hours earlier had been trapped for hours beneath rubble and barely survived. In fact, the aftershocks of Haiti's earthquake could still be seen as his Skype camera shook during our interviews. This wasn't a remote story. This man became someone real. A friend who was in trouble.

Already, I've been told that I could be in India and Africa before the end of the year, so I can't imagine how also being there and seeing things first hand could change my life. I know not everyone can physically travel with me, but I'm hoping this blog will enable anyone who seeks adventure to come along too.

Oprah may have a book club....but this will be a sort-of blog club. But there is a book (it's less than $9)! It's called "The Hole In Our Gospel" by Richard Stearns, the president of World Vision. It's a great place to start and I'm in the process of just starting to read it now. If you feel like sometimes you live in a bubble, like me, try it! And if you want to read the book with me, please post a comment or thought. I know your feedback and insights will be a great encouragement and challenge for me as well!

Where am I going and why? Watch my goodbye video on News 9.
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