Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tornado Rips Through Mindy's parents neighborhood

On Tuesday afternoon, a tornado ripped through Mindy's parent's Oak Tree neighborhood. They are safe and doing fine! Thank you for all the phone calls and messages of concern. But several of their neighbors homes are destroyed.

Mindy was on the phone with her mom when it started hailing at their house. Her mom said it was coming down the size of golf balls! Her dad drove home from work to get his car out of the storm and into the garage. That's when they lost power ....the news went off, the lights went out and their phones went down. But they still had gas so they lit a fire and watched the storm. They could hear the tornado sirens but didn't know it was so close until afterwards.

Her mom said they think they even saw the tornado ...and it's extremely likely! At one point, she said it sounded like a train was coming. Mom looked outside to see the train but realized it was the wind. According to the news, the tornado went straight through their backyard.
This morning, all 3 local news networks have helicopters hovering over their backyard. Their home sits on a golfcourse, so you may actually see the pictures of their neighborhood on air! Their country club just a few blocks away, appears to have a lot of damage too....huge trees around it have snapped in half.
Her mom says their home is fine but it appears they have a gash in their roof somewhere because light is coming through the attic. Mindy's Aunt Di is also fine. The local news says the tornado touched down for :10minutes near Lake Hefner (1 mile away from Aunt Di's) before moving over to Edmond, where it became much, much worse.

Mom says she's not only grateful they're ok, but she's grateful that they didn't even know to be afraid. If they'd known how bad it was, they would have tried to get to a shelter....but there may not have been time. She knows now that next time they should get in the closet or bathtub and put a mattress over their heads! For now, we are just thanking God that they weren't hurt.

We've attached pictures of their neighborhood but we don't have any of their house just yet. But thankfully the damage to their home isn't as bad as these pictures. What a storm!